Staging Occupied Properties

Lasting Impressions places Home Managers into vacant properties that are on the market to be sold. This helps the Realtor and the Homeowner with the Marketing of their property

We also do Staging for people that have their homes on the market to be sold and are still occupying the property.

With so many houses on the market, Real Estate Agents, when showing homes, will select those houses that are easy to show and are decorated well. Although sellers want to sell their homes, they are often blind to the way it looks to other people that come to view it. Some agents will address the problems yet some will let the issues go unchanged. Not having a house Staged properly can cause the home to remain on the market for long than necessary, which is not good for the Homeowner. In some cases, the agent even looses the listing because of the house not selling.

This is where a Home Stager can benefit an agent and the homeowner.
Staging the home makes it look its best to potential buyers.
We work with the seller’s existing furniture and accessories to arrange it in a way that the home is appealing to prospective buyers. Suggestions are made to the seller that could help the home be show well and be inviting to buyers, and thus sell in a timelier manner. Clutter is addressed and packing away un-needed items is suggested. “Less is Best”

Some of my agents have us do the Staging right after taking a listing and then have it photographed, for the advertising on the MLS. This makes the Internet buyers have a chance to see how nicely the home shows and select it as one of the properties they would like to view. Over 70% of informed buyers are going to the Internet to see what is available and are calling agents with a list of homes that they would like to see. This is why your home should show it’s best on MLS photos and at all viewings.